Portable Power & Protection for Apple Watch

Need a stand for you Apple Watch? How about one that charges your Watch on the fly?  Then look no further than Techlinks RE Charge Travel case.  You can keep your Apple Watch protected and charged at the same time. Display your Watch on a desk while charging is easy.  The base unit is powered by a USB to micro USB cable.  Or use the  built in battery so you don't have to leave the unit plugged in all the time.  You simply charge the base unit and use it as a portable charger.   A great feature is the leather protection case.  This gives you the flexibility to charge you Apple Watch while in transport.  Having portable power to charge your Apple Watch is never a bad thing and with the units 5 stage protection your Watch is safe and secure.  This unit was purchased at a Best Buy and can charge the 38mm Apple Watch 3 times or the 42mm 2.5 times.  This unit comes with the case the charger and the USB power cable, you will need to supply your own Apple Watch charger cable.

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