Tstand iPad Bed Stand Review

#Tstand #iPad Bed Stand Review & unboxing; this is a great device that will hold up your iPad or other tablet.  No longer will you have to worry about your tablet smacking you in the face and possibly busting a tooth as you are falling asleep laying on the couch.  The Tstand has a unique and simplistic design to hold said device at just the right height and angle from your face. Did I mention you can also use it to hold your iPad Tablet or (with adaptor sold separately) your iphone or smartphone on a tabletop or desk.  This way, you don’t have to hunch over your device or strain your neck.  All in all, I have enjoyed using the Tstand, however the sexy black gloss finish has the naggy ability of showing all smudges and fingerprints.   It’s solid build solves more than one of my problems and I highly reccomend the Tstand, avaialbe at TSTAND.Com (Not an affilaite link).