Review AnyPro Smartphone Car Mount USB Charger, Cigarette Lighter Holder

Sometimes, you just need a way to mount your smartphone in your car in a way that doesn’t require suction cups or drilling. Heck, I have even tried mounting my smartphone to a vent once - it didn’t go very well. With the Anypro Cigarette Mount and Charger, not only can I have my smartphone mounted, but there are three USB ports that are capable of charging my Smartphone and my tablet at the same time.

The flexible goose neck is strong enough to keep my smartphone where I need it while still being flexible enough to maneuver my device into the perfect position. The only problem I have had has been that my cigarette lighter port is cheap and can't bear the weight of my iPhone 6 Plus and the mount.

With a bit of tweaking and moving the flexible arm into the perfect position, it has been working just great. It holds my smartphone in place and keeps me hands-free while I drive.