Review, 42mm Space Grey Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band by eLander

I have an obsession with bands for my Apple Watch, I just love having variety.  It is so awesome that we can change our bands so easily.  I have had a this particular band, the Stainless steel  Apple Watch Band made by a company named elander.  This band looks great and its solid.  I still can't believe how inexpensive it is for the high level of quality.  I would easily have paid twice what I did for this great looking and solid band.  One thing I have been looking at with these 3rd party band manufacturers is the quality and durability. Elander has done a great job, they have also included accessories and the tools you need to shorten the band and or to adjust or fix the lug which is the peice that holds the band onto the Apple Watch.   Elander has gone above and beyond with this band.