Apple Magic Trackpad 2 Unbox & Review


We have been using mice with our computers for a long long time.  The mouse has been a great input device but it's time for something better.  While a trackpad is not the newest invention ever made for computing.  It certainly makes navigating and working on one easier than ever.  Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2 is a great addition to the input market. I have been using the older version which has been great, but the new Track Pad 2 has been amazing.  It has a bit more room on the touch pad where it counts. The new force touch tech is pretty awesome in terms of how it enhances your experience while getting stuff done.  The really neat part about this trackpad is it has no moving parts!  But with the taptic feedback Apple introduced, it feels just like it was being pressed down. The only way to truly understand this is to feel it.



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Apple Magic Trackpad 2 (MJ2R2LL/A)
Apple Computer (Direct)