Mad Catz C T R L i Mobile Gamepad for iOS

Looking high and low for a decent controller that works with iOS games, I think I finally found the control I needed. I have been very happy with the Mad Catz bluetooth controler. I just wish all games supported it. Thats right not all iOS games support controller functionality. but this controller works great for those that do. It works with any iOS device running iOS 7 or greater. I have been having a great time playing games on my iPad Air and on my iPhone 6 Plus. And yes the bigger phone fits in the bracket with an medium duty case on it, its spring loaded. So far I have had the controler for a few months and it has held up great. my only beef is it uses regular aaa batteries. I would have prefered rechargeable controller, a issue I can easily fix with 3 rd part rechargeable batteries. There has been no input lag and the build quality is good, not liking the glossy finish but that's just a pet peeve. If you are looking for a great bluetooth controller compatible with Apple stuff for under $100 then look no further unless something else comes out soon.