Ulak iPhone 6 plus Lumenair case

Ulak iPhone 6 plus Lumenair case

Looking to make a statement with your iPhone? Well this might be the right case for you. Ulak has made a pretty interesting case, a case that distributes light around the back side of the case when you have led notifications turned on in your iPhone. Placing your iPhone into the case was pretty easy. If you are using the screen protector, I would recommend putting it on first. Place the rubber ring around the phone which helps spread the light and it is glow in the dark. Now all you have to do is place the phone into the clear backing. Make sure the chrome flash cap is closed to redirect the light. I think for $10.00 (price during recording) it's a great case. It has just enough lip on the front so your screen never touches a flat surface. The buttons felt a little weird when pressing in the volume up or down due to the rubber ring, and the silent switch was a bit tricky to reach. The lighting porthole is round, and for the most part, it is just the right size unless you are using a third party lighting cable that is a bit larger and or square. The headphone jack has just enough room to plug the earbuds that came with your phone in. If you have a third party pair that has a bit more meat around the male end you're gonna have problems. All in all, I am pretty impressed with what Ulak has done with this case and having it light up is pretty cool. 

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