Smatree SmaPole Y1 Selfie Stick

Have we become so vain that we need to take selfies all the time? Maybe just maybe we love sharing our personal lives with the world. Calling this product a selfie stick doesn't do it justice. While it will make self pictures easier to capture, it can be used for overhead shots. Having a Selfie Pole / monopod can be very helpful at conventions, where taking an overhead picture to avoid peoples heads from blocking your view can be priceless. The aluminum design is sold and light weight, don't worry this stick won’t spin your camera around. The head is equipped with a ¼ thread to mound all sorts of cameras and brackets. This kit comes with mounting brackets for GoPro Heros 4,3, 2 and a spring loaded smartphone clamp. The there is a holder for the optional wifi hero remote ( not included ). All in all, this is  a great way to get a camera, GoPro, or smart device into the air for better shots. For $20, it’s a 0no brainer. 

Smatree SmaPole Y1 Selfie Pole 

Shoulderpod S1 Phone Mount 

Look and feel like a SuperHero 

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