Hanchi iPhone 6 Plus Ultra Thin Battery Case

Looking to add a little extra battery life to you iPhone 6 Plus without adding extra bulk or blocking any ports? Maybe you don't want to get a battery case that charges with a micro USB? How awesome would it be to have only one cable that can charge both case and phone? With the Hanchi case you can do just that, and use the lighting cable that came with your iPhone!  Just keep in mind, when charging the phone through the case, no data will transfer. This is a great case if you need the above problems solved like I did. This case is available in a few different colors as well as  with a flip front and without a flip front. The Hanchi is also available for the iPhone 6. A few drawbacks would be the paint and finish of this battery case doesn't seem to hold up so good, also the jumper used to charge the iPhone is small which can be lost very easily. With an extra 12 hours of talk time and extended web browsing, this thin battery case could be the one you're looking for. 

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Hanchi for iPhone 6 Plus

Hanchi for iPhone 6 

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