Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear iPhone 6 Plus Case

Looking for an Ultra clear and thin case for your iPhone 6 plus? Then maybe your search stops here!  I wanted a thin clear case that still offered some type of protection for my iPhone. It also helps keep the phone in my hand, you know how slippery that bare aluminum can be. If you're looking for a great clear case that offers decent protection and keeps the phone from slipping out of your hands then this might be the one for you. Just a side note, I had the first run of this case and it had turned yellow, brown dirty looking. This version, they seemed to have fixed that issue. I have had the case for 2 weeks and so far no yellow or browning issues.


Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear iPhone 6 Plus Case http://bit.ly/SpigenUltraIP6p


Look and feel like a SuperHero http://bit.ly/SuperTNERDT


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