ShoulderPod S1 Smartphone Rig

In my epic quest to use the products I already have to assist me in my online adventures, I stumbled upon a product that solves a problem I had been having.  Taking good pictures and video is important for TNERDT and for my personal life. Most likely many of you reading this already have a smartphone and like me, can't afford a high end camera. You don't need a super high end camera to get the job done, but a problem still remains -taking steady shots or mounting a device to a tripod,  monopod and yes, even a selfie stick. That's where the  ShoulderPod S1 Smartphone Rig comes in. The S1 features three functions - use it as a Tripod  or monopod mount, filmmaker grip or a travel stand. The Shoulderpod S1 is compatible with iPhone 6 and 6 plus as well as virtually any other smartphone.  The S1 holds your device tightly with a adjustable screw; but fear not there are rubber pads to prevent scratching or your device coming loose. Using the S1 in the filmmaker setup is easy and comfortable with my iPhone 6 plus and with the included wrist strap, I am not worried about dropping my phone. The S1 Shoulderpod has a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Bottom line: If you need a lightweight secure method to mounting and or using your smartphone like a point and shoot, you can't go wrong with the S1 Smartphone Rig - Highly recommended and nerd approved!

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