Ep 87: Apple Event 2016

 We have lots of awesome feedback this episode, including topics such as family sharing and what to do when you have multiple phones on the same iTunes / iCloud account.  We have 2 surprise guests to discuss the Apple Event!  There are lots of exciting things that came from this event.  For all the people waiting for the smaller iPhone, your wait is over.  The iPhone SE is the answer to your dreams, with most of the best features from the iPhone 6S, but in the smaller size.  There are a few features that are not included, so listen in to get all the info.  More bands were announced for the Apple Watch, one of them being the awaited Black Melonese Loop band.  If you loved the iPad Pro, but are not too keen on the size, we have an answer for that too, the iPad pro 9.7 inch.  Updates all around are available for the devices, Apple TV, Apple Watch and the iPhone.  Some of these updates include enhanced maps for the Apple Watch, Siri dictation for the Apple TV, passcode for Notes and so much more.

Ep 86: Haystack.TV Interview

Getting news does not have to be boring or tedious, in fact it should be easy to do and why not fun?  That’s where Haystack.TV comes into play. With an easy to use interface and software that learns what type of news or info you like, it’s no wonder why we love the app.  Haystack is available on multiple platforms including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and more.  Getting started with Haystack.TV is easy! We talk about how to do it as well as finding the right news you care about.  In this interview we talk about how the app works, came to be and the benefits it has to getting the news you want quickly. You may even consider cutting the cable!

Ep 85: Recommended Camera Apps & More Tips

Pictures are worth a thousand words, are there apps that will help us take better pictures?  The short answer is yes, and they can give you finer control over your iOS device’s photo settings, ISO, exposure, and more.  The rumored Apple event has been confirmed for March 21st.  What are you most looking forward too? Our team has looked over some really useful and fun apps.  We had some great questions this week regarding where to sell your old Macbook air and what is field test mode on my iPhone?

Pictures and video from my instagram taken on my iPhone. 

Ep 83: Honey Badger App Don’t Care

We had a special guest on tonight's podcast, our friend JB from Rios Radio. He has also created all of our artwork and logos.  We talked a little more about Apple vs FBI, not too much since this topic has been beaten to death.  Does your iPhone bezel matter? If you have a white iPhone bezel does it distract you from your screen?  Having a smartphone is all about the apps, and we had some fun and useful apps in this episode. Not to mention we gave a little tip on how to keep your browsing experience safe.

Ep 82: Apple Takes a Stand

In a message from Tim Cook to the community, Apple has taken a stand to protect our data. Will this help or hurt our country? Need an amazing and awesome computer that looks like a dream? Look no further than the 27 inch iMac with 5k display. One of our hosts reviews the new beast. New magic mouse pad, is it good or bad? We reviewed that also. Apple releases a fix for error 53 and apologizes. Our great team has some really cool app picks this week, but you already knew that was going to happen.











Ep 81: Valentines App and the Power Strap

Looking for a dock that will charge your Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone or anything USB at the same time? Look no further friends, we have the answer! Not to mention, we have a iPhone CD slot car mount to hold your iPhone up for navigation and what not.  Trisha shares some fun looking apps geared towards Valentine's day. Make sure if you own a Macbook Retina, check the USB connector. Answering questions is one of our favorite things to do, and this one was all about our new favorite new toy, the Apple Watch!

Before Picture    

Before Picture 


This is what I did with the Relight app.

Edits with Relight   

Edits with Relight


Ep 80: Watch the Super Bowl on your Apple Device

March is the rumored announcement date for the rumored iPad Air 3 that may have the ability to use the Apple pen. How cool would that be? Apple is super easy and that's why we love it, well one reason. Do you wanna watch the Super Bowl 50 for free this year? Well, with Apple you can, thanks to CBS. Trading in your broken iPhone for a new one may actually be a thing you can do now. Our team of App users share their app picks this week. Larisia talks cross platform text communication with Telegram Messenger. Trisha shares how to run and give to charity Charity Miles. Chris has the team lol with his app Ditty you don't wanna miss this song.




Apps mentioned on show


Trisha’s pick Charity Miles by Charity Miles https://appsto.re/us/Y1yhE.i

Larrissa’s pick Telegram Messenger by Telegram LLC https://appsto.re/us/psM6O.i

Chris’s pick Ditty by Zya by Zya https://appsto.re/us/u3Re5.i


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Ep 79: 3D Touch & Force Touch Explained


Clearing up some confusion, we discuss the differences between Force Touch and the new 3D Touch Apple is using with their devices. If you haven’t tried Peek and Pop on your, you should try it!  You can use it with your email and certain apps.  Have an Apple Watch and not sure how to draw a message and send to a friend with another Apple Watch? We tell you how and ways to know if your picture messages went through or not. Chris announces that he will soon be doing video reviews on third party Apple gear including watch bands. iTunes radio is no longer free, you have to subscribe to Apple music if you want to listen to it.  However, Beats 1 is still free.  We go over 3 great apps that we have been using the past week. How much storage space should you get in your iPhone or other iOS device? We shared our recommendation and we even have a blog post with more info, click the link:


Would someone actually have a clear gel sparkle case on there new iPhone while spending a month in Japan? Find the answers to that and more in this week's episode.



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Ep 78: Back Baby! Same Cast, New Show

Hello everyone! We are back, woot! We missed recording, and it is time to get back to what we love! In this episode we talk about the future of this redesigned podcast and website, ItsAppleTime.com While we where gone we, missed talking about so many awesome products like the iPad Pro as well as the new Apple TV.



Talking about things that matter, Chris shares his love for a 3rd party battery cases for iPhone 6plus, he reviewed here:



Hanchi iPhone 6 Plus Ultra Thin Battery Case  

Will the iPhone lose its 3.5mm jack?

Is there an iPhone 5se in the works?

We discuss and give our opinions on these rumors we have been hearing.

We are happy to announce we both got Apple Watches! Yes, that happened and we love them! Ok, maybe Chris is more obsessed with his then Trisha, but that's not a surprise is it? How is the battery life on the Apple Watch? How about different things we like or would like to change about the product? Listen as we give some of our thoughts.

If you're interested in the Apple Watch here is our Amazon affiliate link, no extra cost to you but supports us here at the studio














It was a good show to make our reemergence for, we missed you all and have some big plans in the future.