Ep 79: 3D Touch & Force Touch Explained


Clearing up some confusion, we discuss the differences between Force Touch and the new 3D Touch Apple is using with their devices. If you haven’t tried Peek and Pop on your, you should try it!  You can use it with your email and certain apps.  Have an Apple Watch and not sure how to draw a message and send to a friend with another Apple Watch? We tell you how and ways to know if your picture messages went through or not. Chris announces that he will soon be doing video reviews on third party Apple gear including watch bands. iTunes radio is no longer free, you have to subscribe to Apple music if you want to listen to it.  However, Beats 1 is still free.  We go over 3 great apps that we have been using the past week. How much storage space should you get in your iPhone or other iOS device? We shared our recommendation and we even have a blog post with more info, click the link:


Would someone actually have a clear gel sparkle case on there new iPhone while spending a month in Japan? Find the answers to that and more in this week's episode.



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