Ep 84: Learn How to Shoot Better Pictures with your iPhone

Facebook has updated their service, we now have the ability to like a post with more than just a thumbs up. Is this a smart move for Facebook, and do we like this new system?  Apple needs to rethink their mouse design, not to mention where they placed the charging connector on their new Apple Mouse. A lot of people take pictures with their iPhones. It’s more than just a cellphone or email grabber, it’s a super computer with a super powerful camera.  If you have ever thought about taking better pictures, then this show is the one for you! We take a look at the iPhone and iPad’s camera app. We give you the best advice on settings and the different options you have built right in the native camera app. As if that was all we wanted to share! No we have even more! We include lighting tips, zooming, exposure tips, lenses, tripods, foreground and background. We wanted to make a great episode to share all of these features that will benefit your photography skills, and by golly we did it!

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