Ep 94: Tstand Review

Do you watch your iPad in bed or while sitting in a chair? It’s a great device to watch your favorite shows check your email and get caught up on news. But, it can be a pain sometimes trying to hold it up for long periods of time. That’s where the TStand comes in handy. It’s a device that holds your iPad or smartphone (with an additional accessories) so you can be comfortable as well as hands free. You can also use the TStand on a desk or table so you no longer have to hunch over while you looking at your iPad. The stand keeps the iPad or iPhone closer to eye level without you having to hold it up or worry about your device falling. Well that’s not all we discussed during this episode. We talked about running and some different apps Trisha uses to gauge her running progress. We also answered a question from Monica about which iPhone she should choose, 6s or 6s Plus.


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