Ep 90: Back Those Photos Up

Taking a picture is only part of the equation - editing and storage are also very important parts. We gave many different examples and suggestions on how and where to store these precious memories. Having one copy on your iOS device is not enough. Imagine: what if something happened to that device? Your pictures and memories would be gone! We offer many options in this episode on how to save and keep those memories backed up. Not sure how to set up iPhoto? No problem, we will teach you! With services and apps like Flickr, Amazon Photo, Facebook, and our favorite - Google Photos - there is no excuse not to have backups anymore. Have you ever tried Uber? Well, our very own hosts Trish and Sam have, and they share their experiences with us. Also, we have some really cool picks of the week, like Kingdom Hearts, Groupon, and Kingdom Hearts.

Here are some Links for Apps we recommend for backing up and storing pictures. 


Amazon Photo

* Chris's favorite: Google Photo 


Please don't forget to backup your entire iPhone or iOS device on a regular basis. 

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