Ep 80: Watch the Super Bowl on your Apple Device

March is the rumored announcement date for the rumored iPad Air 3 that may have the ability to use the Apple pen. How cool would that be? Apple is super easy and that's why we love it, well one reason. Do you wanna watch the Super Bowl 50 for free this year? Well, with Apple you can, thanks to CBS. Trading in your broken iPhone for a new one may actually be a thing you can do now. Our team of App users share their app picks this week. Larisia talks cross platform text communication with Telegram Messenger. Trisha shares how to run and give to charity Charity Miles. Chris has the team lol with his app Ditty you don't wanna miss this song.




Apps mentioned on show


Trisha’s pick Charity Miles by Charity Miles https://appsto.re/us/Y1yhE.i

Larrissa’s pick Telegram Messenger by Telegram LLC https://appsto.re/us/psM6O.i

Chris’s pick Ditty by Zya by Zya https://appsto.re/us/u3Re5.i


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