Ep 78: Back Baby! Same Cast, New Show

Hello everyone! We are back, woot! We missed recording, and it is time to get back to what we love! In this episode we talk about the future of this redesigned podcast and website, ItsAppleTime.com While we where gone we, missed talking about so many awesome products like the iPad Pro as well as the new Apple TV.



Talking about things that matter, Chris shares his love for a 3rd party battery cases for iPhone 6plus, he reviewed here:



Hanchi iPhone 6 Plus Ultra Thin Battery Case  

Will the iPhone lose its 3.5mm jack?

Is there an iPhone 5se in the works?

We discuss and give our opinions on these rumors we have been hearing.

We are happy to announce we both got Apple Watches! Yes, that happened and we love them! Ok, maybe Chris is more obsessed with his then Trisha, but that's not a surprise is it? How is the battery life on the Apple Watch? How about different things we like or would like to change about the product? Listen as we give some of our thoughts.

If you're interested in the Apple Watch here is our Amazon affiliate link, no extra cost to you but supports us here at the studio














It was a good show to make our reemergence for, we missed you all and have some big plans in the future.