Ep 68: Find My iPhone & Spring Ahead

Got kids? We have the perfect app for you!  YouTube for Kids gives you great videos, but it is tailored for kids with a few must-have parental controls.  The app store has an awesome category, pay one and play! What does this mean, no in app purchases!  February is Women's History month.  There are a lot of great apps, movies, podcasts and more that are made or feature women.  We mention a little about great apps for photography and videos with an iOS device.  There are tons of greats apps to use, and also on Apple.com, they feature photos that were taken by iPhones.  Ever wanted to learn how to play to guitar? Yousician, a free editor’s choice app, teaches you just that.  The tip of the podcast, Find My Phone and Find Friends.  Every lose your iPhone or iPad?  This app will help you find your device, and we teach you how to use and set it up.  Find my Friends will help you share locations of friends or family.  We also talk about some of the Facebook apps including groups, ads and pages. Don’t forget you can now record and post a video though the Twitter app.  This Monday, March 9th, there will be an Apple Event, Spring Forward. What do you think will be announced?  Will they be talking about the Apple TV at the press event? Could it be an Apple Watch?  Could the Pebble Watch be competition for the Apple Watch?  Chris tells you about a review he did on a foldable bluetooth keyboard, iWerkz.


Shot on an iPhone 6



iWerkz Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard 

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