Ep 53: Bendgate Blown out of Proportion

Boom! Here we are almost a week using our iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’s, do we love them? Check out this week’s featured app where you can whack moles for gold coins, it’s better than it sounds. As always, we went over the app sales we found this week, links are in the show notes. So the elephant in the room this week has been bengate, that’s right you have heard of it, where sitting on your new iPhone 6 plus will ultimately curve or bend your iphone. Well it turns out not to be that big of a deal. iOS 8.0.1 came out and caused issues with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, luckily Apple pulled down the update quickly, and already have a fix for the fix, iOS 8.0.2 has landed just before the show, and is available now. Chris has downloaded it, and so far, has had no issues with it on his new iPhone 6 Plus. 

Apps mentioned in the show

Riffsy Gif Keyboard - Universal

Taco Robot App - Universal 

Bioshock - Universal 

Whac a Mole - App of the Week 

Lightroom 4 Retouching II - iPad only

miniSynth PRO - iPad only

Matchstick Memories - Universal 

Hellraid: The Escape - Universal