Meet The Nerds

Chris Gray 


Hello, my name is Chris Gray, and I am the Head Nerd at TNERDT.  I have always had a passion for technology, video games, movies, super heroes, helping people, entrepreneurship and changing the world. Growing up, I never felt like I truly belonged anywhere, always hiding the fact that I am a nerd. Well things have changed, and as I have gotten older time has not stopped.  However, people seem to be embracing the things that I and my fellow nerds have loved for many years. Now being a Nerd is cool, even if many people still will not admit their title. I have come to the conclusion that the dictionary defines us Nerds in a terrible and negative light. So, I am on a quest to redefine us and bring us to glory. Here is my definition of what a Nerd is: a person with moderate to high intelligence that has a deeper love for their interests, hobbies or passions. Thats it very simple and to the point. So you may be asking yourself; why podcasting? Good question! For most of my life I have been struggling to find my purpose, and to find something I love to do all the time (other than be a dad and spending time with my family). I wanted to have a job that I could wake up every day and just felt the urge to do it, that burning sensation that this is my destiny. When I discovered podcasting it felt like a jolt of electricity hit me in my chest and reenergized my being. I started to research audio equipment, technique, compression, gate limiting, etc. Podcasting has awaken something in me I had not felt since high school, where I was a bit of a clown and loved to entertain my friends and classmates. So my mission henceforth is to create a audio and video studio, to make it my everyday job that supports my family and to create a real career and true purpose in my life.   

 Welcome to Total Nerd Takeover, "Taking Over The World One Nerd at a Time".

Alycia Christine Sears

In the real world, our Writer/Consultant Hope’s name is Alycia. She grew up near the dusty cotton fields of Lubbock, Texas with a love of photography, art, and all things written. Today she shoots commercial and nature photography, creates art for shows and conventions, writes fantasy fiction as Alycia C. Cooke in honor of her deceased grandmother and spiritual devotionals as Alycia Christine Sears. Find her at AlyciaChristine.com. 


Ashley Johnson

Ashley has her Bachelors in both Fire Investigation and Criminal Justice. Though currently working her way through job certification, she is a Nerd through and through. Her love for all things nerdy and rock and roll started early it wasn't until her teen years when she honed and harnessed her nerd ability. Batman is her favorite superhero, and like Bruce Wayne, when she’s not working two jobs, going though class of fighting fire, she is doing any number of things that proudly qualifies her as a Nerd. Her Nerd spectrum includes but is not limited to comics, gaming (FPS,MMO), cosplay, TV and movies!  

She tries to stay well informed of what's coming to keep up with the ever changing Nerd market  so feel free to ask her questions, she will gladly answer them the best she can!


Ashley Page

Word-Nerd/Social Media enthusiast. A Journalism major with a passion for reading, writing, and editing. I’ve had small stories published in school newspapers, and I enjoy writing things that get people thinking. Whether it be controversial or emotional, I aim for my audience to feel something after reading my writing. When I’m not running around at work or studying for exams, you can find me hanging around on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube.  


Dustin Trost

Dustin Trost, AKA Opie, grew up idolizing superheroes such as Superman, Batman, The X-Men, and Spiderman. His favorite X-Men characters are Gambit and Rogue, although Wolverine and Nightcrawler are also high up there. His love of comics and superheroes led him to eventually Cosplay some of those characters, including Cable, Morph, and Sgt. Slaughter. In 2013, he met one of his ultimate heroes, Chris Claremont, legendary writer for some of The X-Men’s best series like “Days of Future Past,” and “The Dark Phoenix Saga.” Besides superheroes and comic books, Dustin is also a freelance photographer, has a BA in Feature Film & Video Production, and is an aspiring Screenwriter and Director.


Jennifer Ruggiero

I am passionate about technology, holistic wellness, animals, indie music, the outdoors, and the Chicago Bears.  I work in wireless by day, and by night dabble in podcasting at Get Nerdy With It, Total Nerd Takeover, and Tech Webcast.


Julie Gray

I have been a gamer from an early age when I got my first console, and my brother and I would be fighting over who got to use the Nintendo.  As I grew so did consoles, I was very lucky to be born when the consoles were really growing in the mid- 80s.  The first system that was all mine was the Sega Genesis, and I only had 3 games for it when I got it for Christmas in 93'; Sonic Pinball, Sonic the Hedgehog (1), and NBA Jam.  My mother worked for a cable company then and they had a Sega Genesis game channel where you were able to play tons of games.  My brother moved back in with us after he graduated high school and he brought with him a Sony Playstation, and I would sit and watch him play Final Fantasy for hours.  That Christmas I got Madden 98 and NHL 98 and I played them like crazy, I am a big sports fan so I usually will always have at least 1 sports game in my library.  Not to long after that my brother and I got a computer for Christmas and that is when both of our gaming lives changed, he found out about a game you played online and they called it and MMORPG.  I had no clue what the heck he was talking about and continued to play console games, at nights he would be in the computer room for hours.  One night he came running down the stairs to fill up his drink and he was like I can't talk I need to get back to this raid we are killing Naggy, I of course looked at him like he had three heads but I was also intrigued.  So I asked him just before he darted off if I could come and watch, he's like sure but you need to be quite so I can concentrate.  Well it didn't take long for me to be so intrigued that I was buying my own computer and installing EverQuest.  It was then that he and I became hardcore PC gamers, we would from time to time play our PS2 but it was strictly PC gaming for us from then on.  We played EQ for a little over 3 years before SOE announced they would be Beta testing a new MMORPG, and it's name… was Star Wars Galaxies!  We both had a total nerd-gasam when the day came to begin the Beta and we were so excited, we even created a song, through SWG and EQ we made long lasting friendship.  My brother and I have a strong nerd / gaming connection and we have gone through a lot of good and bad games together, but the memories and the friends we made along the way are what lead him to creating Total Nerd Takeover.  I am so happy and honored to be a member of his vision and to be able to bring the members of our Nerd Army some awesome entertainment.  


Nate Hulse

Nate is the  proud parent of two boys, 6 and 7.  He is a fiance to a wonderful woman who puts up with him because she is exactly like Nate, a gamer. This family of gamers enjoy their video games and love sharing their experiences playing mostly on Nintendo and Sony hardware. Nate grew up in foster care and credits his love for games, books and movies for not falling in with negative behavior, that many childrens fall victim to. As a young lad, Nate spent a lot of time playing the NES while his little sister watched. Nate would also share his gaming experiences with his brothers, showing them the best games on the N64 and PS2. Getting games in foster care was scarce, so Nate learned to appreciate every digital bit like it was gold. So when you think of Gaming, think Nate as he takes great pleasure playing games and sharing his knowledge with our Nerd army of gamers. You can always be sure for tips tricks and current news in the ever expanding digital world. Feel free to ask him questions, he will gladly answer them. And if you are ever in need of some fun look him up and play a game!!!

So as you might see the games go back far for me I try to stay well informed of what's coming to keep up with the ever changing market so if you ever need me go ahead and reach out ask questions and most of all...

Lets play a game!


Kelly Hollewa

Selenite,  or Sele to her nearest and dearest, is a born and raised Michigander.  When she’s not losing what’s left of her sanity achieving an RN degree, she’s happily plugging away at any number of things that proudly qualifies her as a nerd.  She started on her path to nerd-dome nearly two decades ago with multiple venues of RPG’s, everything from chat rooms to tabletop.  She has since expanded her love to include a long list of MMO and FPS games, the latter of which she holds what should be the Guinness World Record for number of vehicles driven off cliffs.  Sele also dabbles at 3D art in Daz and can usually be found rocking out to an eclectic symphony of music that encompasses everything from K-Pop to Viking War Metal.  


Tricia Woods 

or Amoria  Chief Editor/Webmaster, gaming started as a way for her to bond with her older brother, often times through long nights of Street Fighter and Moooortaaaaal Combat, Fight!  Later, when meeting more gamers and remembering the fun she had with her brother, her like of gaming began to grow into a passion.  Through Dance Dance Revolution and Midnight Club with her friends, and later Warcraft her gaming experience grew.  It wasn’t until she began playing MMO's, most notably World of Warcraft, that she became the gamer girl she is today. However, she still loves single player games like Dragon Age, Darksiders and Skyrim.   Amoria really enjoys movies such as Avengers, Unbreakable, Total Recall, Underworld, and the new Star Trek movies, as well as   the Star Trek series and spin offs like Deep Space Nine.   She is practically inseparable from her iPhone, and when she isn't talking or surfing the net, she is listening to music.