Meet The Nerds

Chris Gray 


Hello, my name is Chris Gray, and I am the Head Nerd at TNERDT.  I have always had a passion for technology, video games, movies, super heroes, helping people, entrepreneurship and changing the world. Growing up, I never felt like I truly belonged anywhere, always hiding the fact that I am a nerd. Well things have changed, and as I have gotten older time has not stopped.  However, people seem to be embracing the things that I and my fellow nerds have loved for many years. Now being a Nerd is cool, even if many people still will not admit their title. I have come to the conclusion that the dictionary defines us Nerds in a terrible and negative light. So, I am on a quest to redefine us and bring us to glory. Here is my definition of what a Nerd is: a person with moderate to high intelligence that has a deeper love for their interests, hobbies or passions. Thats it very simple and to the point. So you may be asking yourself; why podcasting? Good question! For most of my life I have been struggling to find my purpose, and to find something I love to do all the time (other than be a dad and spending time with my family). I wanted to have a job that I could wake up every day and just felt the urge to do it, that burning sensation that this is my destiny. When I discovered podcasting it felt like a jolt of electricity hit me in my chest and reenergized my being. I started to research audio equipment, technique, compression, gate limiting, etc. Podcasting has awaken something in me I had not felt since high school, where I was a bit of a clown and loved to entertain my friends and classmates. So my mission henceforth is to create a audio and video studio, to make it my everyday job that supports my family and to create a real career and true purpose in my life.   

 Welcome to Total Nerd Takeover, "Taking Over The World One Nerd at a Time".






Tricia Woods 

or Amoria  Chief Editor/Webmaster, gaming started as a way for her to bond with her older brother, often times through long nights of Street Fighter and Moooortaaaaal Combat, Fight!  Later, when meeting more gamers and remembering the fun she had with her brother, her like of gaming began to grow into a passion.  Through Dance Dance Revolution and Midnight Club with her friends, and later Warcraft her gaming experience grew.  It wasn’t until she began playing MMO's, most notably World of Warcraft, that she became the gamer girl she is today. However, she still loves single player games like Dragon Age, Darksiders and Skyrim.   Amoria really enjoys movies such as Avengers, Unbreakable, Total Recall, Underworld, and the new Star Trek movies, as well as   the Star Trek series and spin offs like Deep Space Nine.   She is practically inseparable from her iPhone, and when she isn't talking or surfing the net, she is listening to music.