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Podcasting is digital media made of audio files released and cataloged by episodes.  In a way, it is like on demand online radio!





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Double Twist

Behind the Iron Throne - Unofficial Game Of Thrones Podcast

We Take You Deeper Into George R.R. Martin's Epic Fantasy Drama.  We Discuss The Lore Behind "A Song Of Ice And Fire" And How It Relates To The "Game Of Thrones" HBO Television Series.

TNERDT Gaming - Your Gaming News and Review Podcast

Everyone has a little bit of gamer in them. This podcast provides you with video game news and reviews. We also review and discuss the latest hardware that could make or break your gaming adventures.

It's Apple Time - Your Apple Product, News and Tips Podcast

We Talk About All Apple Products. But We Don't Just Stop There! We Review Apps, Programs, And The Gear To Go With Them. We Even Discuss Rumors, Upcoming Products And Much More. Also, We Include Update Information As Well As Tips That You Can Do Yourself.  

TNERDT - Your Nerd Pop Culture, Scifi, Tech and More Podcast

Whether it's tech, science fiction, movies, pop culture or anything nerd related, we discuss it here! So many times we have said, "We should be recording this!" Well... now we are, and we wanted to share it with our Nerd army

Nerd Theater  -   Your Movie Review Podcast

Welcome To Nerd Theater. This Podcast Is Where We Watch, Review, Dissect, Rage On, And Discuss Movies Based On Comic Books, Fantasy, Science Fiction And Action Adventure. We Encourage Our Listeners To Help Us Pick What Movies To Watch And Review.  

The Hockey Hour - Your unofficial NHL Podcast

  We Discuss All 30 NHL Teams, Not Just One! You Want  Highlights From The Games Over The Past Week, We Discuss Them.  Are You Searching For Stats Of Your Favorite Players, We Dive Into Them.   From Trades To Free Agent Signings, We Truly Cover It All.  

More from TNERDT

In this video, I unboxed the Griffan Survivor case for the iPad Mini. Watch as I also install it onto my son's iPad Mini.

Do you have a case you use on your kid's tablet?

Which heavy-duty case would you choose for your smartphone?

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