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When you have a small space and want to workout with dumbbells look no further than the Bowflex SetectTech line of adjustable dumbbells. Better yet the 560 model is the set in this video that i recommend. This set of dumbbells is very well built and not as long or bulky as the 552 or 1090 SelectTech dumbbells. The other really cool feature is they are smart. One of the 560 dumbbells is equipped with what Bowflex calls the 3DT or 3 dimensional trainer. The 3DT has accelerometers built in and pair to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth. In order to take control of the 3DT you will need to download the Bowflex SelectTech app. The app should be available on iTunes or google play store. Once you have the app downloaded and the 560 3DT paired the app will keep track of your sets and reps. This is handy because you can keep track of your progress. Now don't worry if you have never used dumbbells before. Bowflex has many pre made workouts in the app for you to follow. Also there are more advanced premade workouts for the people with experience. You also have the ability to customize your routine or use the just lift feature. I think the set can be a little pricey but then again you get what you pay for. If you get the bundle deal that Bowflex offers from time to time you get free shipping and a good discount on the bench and media stand. That's the deal I went with, the bench is awesome for the money and I like having the media stand to keep the SelectTech dumbbells off the floor and looking clean in my small space. I definitely love Bowflex products and especially love the SecletTech 560 smart dumbbells.

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