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Behind the Iron Throne - Unofficial Game Of Thrones Podcast

We Take You Deeper Into George R.R. Martin's Epic Fantasy Drama.  We Discuss The Lore Behind "A Song Of Ice And Fire" And How It Relates To The "Game Of Thrones" HBO Television Series.

As the TV series gradually approaches where the book series had stopped, there are things to consider. The fans are worried that GRR Martin’s ability to finish the series himself. Listen to what he had to say about that, and our reactions. Do you think that the TV series is and will taint or spoil a persons view of the books? There looks to be 5 new directors for season 5. According to the numbers, Game of Thrones is the top pirated TV series. How do you get your Game of Thrones, streaming, DVD’s HBO to Go? Warning Spoilers section around half way point of the show don't worry we give audible warning in the podcast!!! We talk betrayal, weddings, love, death and more! Head over to www.behindtheironthrone.com, where we offer products hand selected that we have used, tested or feel would be a good fit for our audience. Another option would be to donate through our paypal, every little bit helps. If you really want to get your nerd on, you can purchase a shirt or other product with our Total Nerd Takeover logo at CafePress . Thank you we, could not do this without your support. Follow us on Facebook , and on Twitter at @behindtheiron. Subscribe, listen and rate us on iTunes . Email us at feedback@tnerdt.com . You can leave us voice feedback on our site or call us at 267-714-8686 (TNTO) Chris Gray: www.TNERDT.com @ChrisJGray7 Video Channel www.TNERDT.tv Trisha Woods: www.TNRDT.com @_amoria_ Julie Gray: www.thehockeyhour.com @nerdygurl22 Yardley: @militant_marker, @talkinghell @talkingwalkers @talkingsails @thespotlightHE @marsvenusshow Nate’s Facebook Page -- www.facebook.com/fragoutgaming Twitter: @fragoutgaming



TNERDT Gaming - Your Gaming News and Review Podcast

Everyone has a little bit of gamer in them. This podcast provides you with video game news and reviews. We also review and discuss the latest hardware that could make or break your gaming adventures.

TnerdT2-2 copy2.jpg


Ep 26: Streamers get ready, Google buys Twitch               


We give you some great deals of the week,  and talked about all the games we have been playing this week.  Do you think Google buying Twitch will be beneficial or hurt streamers? Chiba lifts there console ban, and Microsoft wastes no time with pre orders. The Last of Us Remastered will release on 7/29/14, are you excited? Among all the awesome things that came from SDCC 2014, we have confirmation that Sam Raimi, the director of Evil Dead is directing The Last of Us, and Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones, is in talks to play Ellie.

Google is buying Twitch



Us Preorder numbers



China lifts console band< Xbox is there first



Sam Ramie director of evil dead to do the last of us movie



Arya excited 4 The Last Of Us ^see what I did there...





It's Apple Time - Your Apple Product, News and Tips Podcast

We Talk About All Apple Products. But We Don't Just Stop There! We Review Apps, Programs, And The Gear To Go With Them. We Even Discuss Rumors, Upcoming Products And Much More. Also, We Include Update Information As Well As Tips That You Can Do Yourself.  


Ep:46 Yosemite Beta & Surprise Debut

This week’s episode was filled with lots of surprises!  We have a new Apple Time Host, and want to welcome Erica to the show.  There are lots more app sales that we think you might find fun or interesting.  We take a walk down memory lane as we discuss past phones and iPhones, along with our favorite phone.  Yosemite Beta is officially out to the public, and we tell you how to download it, things we are loving about it and any bugs we have found.  Will sapphire make or break your decision to get an iPhone 6?  Are looking forward to the possibility of having a mobile payment system?

Apps Mentioned in show





Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run






TNERDT - Your Nerd Pop Culture, Scifi, Tech and More Podcast

Whether it's tech, science fiction, movies, pop culture or anything nerd related, we discuss it here! So many times we have said, "We should be recording this!" Well... now we are, and we wanted to share it with our Nerd army

Ep 33:  Nerd Swag Under $50                               



So the idea was to find Nerd stuff for under 50 bucks, and it was amazing how much stuff actually exists on the market. Especially when just a few short years ago, being a nerd was so taboo. Each of the Nerd hosts came up with such a large list of stuff, we had to practically cut the ideas in half and pick some of our favorites.  We have things like a stamp for your drink, Star Wars toaster and the Tardis engagement box. If you have ever wanted to stomp around your house like a robot, now you can with comfort and the Robot Slippers have sound! Need a little luck ? How about Harry Potter’s bottle of luck as a necklace? Speaking of awesome gifts, Happy 75th Anniversary to the one and only, Batman!       


Links to the products we found.


Spy Bolt


Phantom key stroker prank


Can Stamp


Sonic Screw driver


Hands Free Carry-All



TMNT  pop out Deco lamp


remote paper air plane


Darth Vader toaster


Light up iron man shirt


USB Mini Fridge


Planetarium Projector


Star Wars Lamps


Captain America Shield Nightlight


Millennium Falcon Ice Cube Tray


Ring of Power


Dragon Egg Cookie Jar


Tardis Engagement Ring Box


Nintendo Cartridge Ring


Tactical Chef Apron $29.99


Darth Vader fit and Flare Dress $44.99


Tywin Lannister SDCC Booth #2615

Rubik’s Cube Lamp


Spock Oven Mitt


Star Trek Pizza Cutter


Crazy Combat Catapult


Space Invaders Fridge Magnets


Duel Beer Glass


Robot Sounds Slippers http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/153b/?cpg=cj&ref=&CJURL=&CJID=3439224

Bottle of Luck from Harry Potter




AT-AT Walker1





Nerd Theater  -   Your Movie Review Podcast

Welcome To Nerd Theater. This Podcast Is Where We Watch, Review, Dissect, Rage On, And Discuss Movies Based On Comic Books, Fantasy, Science Fiction And Action Adventure. We Encourage Our Listeners To Help Us Pick What Movies To Watch And Review.  

Total Nerd Takover Theater Revised2.jpg

Ep 33: X-Men First Class                            


This movie takes us back to the beginning where we  learn about two of the most important characters of the X-Men Franchise, Magneto, Erik Lensherr and Professor X, Charles Xavier.  We see them as children, how they come together to find the mutants, and finally, how they broke apart.  We see several mutants that we have not seen in the other X-Men movies as well as a few cameo appearances.  This movie had a great cast, and out of all the X-men movies reviewed so far on Nerd Theater, this one was the host favorite.  Is being unique beautiful?  Should  you have to hide who you really are?


 Head over to www.tnerdt.com, where we offer products hand selected that we have used, tested or feel would be a good fit for our audience. Another option would be to donate through our paypal, every little bit helps. If you really want to get your nerd on, you can purchase a shirt or other product with our Total Nerd Takeover logo at <a href=http://www.cafepress.com/totalnerdtakeover>CafePress</a> . Thank you we, could not do this without your support.

   Follow us on <a href=http://www.facebook.com/totalnerdtakeover>Facebook</a> , and on Twitter at <a href=http://twitter.com/tnerdt>@tnerdt</a>. Subscribe, listen and rate us on <a href=https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nerd-theater-movie-review/id646248188?mt=2</a> . Email us at feedback@TNERDT.com .

You can leave us voice feedback on our site or call us at  

267-714-8686 (TNTO)

Chris Gray: www.TNERDT.com @ChrisJGray7

Check out our video channel www.TNERDT.tv

Trisha Woods: www.TNERDT.com  @_amoria_

Julie Gray: www.thehockeyhour.com @nerdygurl22

Nate Hulse: www.twitch.tv/totalnerdtakeover @fragoutgaming

Olaf Barbosa: @olafbarbosa facebook: Olaf Barbosa



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From the ruins of humanity's past, Guardians rise. To defend our home. To explore our lost worlds. To give us hope. Destiny is a next generation first person shooter, with rich cinematic storytelling set in huge worlds to explore. Create and customize your Guardian. Defeat your enemies.

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